Producer:  Priyanka Das Editor: Mohit Bisht

5 Easy Tips To Clean Your Makeup Accessories

Face powder

Continuous use of face powder makes it unhygienic. So, to clean it, spray a little sanitiser on the pallets and then clean them with the help of a cotton ball. Let the pallets get air-dried for some time.

Makeup pencils

Lipstick pencils, eyebrow pencils, kajal and eyeliner pencils are also used a lot in makeup. To clean it, take alcohol in a glass. After that, dip each pencil and sharpener in it and let it sit for two minutes. Then clean it with a cotton pad and keep it dry for some time.

Liquid foundation

It is also very important to clean liquid foundation. For this, soak a piece of sponge or cotton pad in alcohol or sanitiser. Then clean the liquid foundation bottle and its nozzle thoroughly with it.


You can take the help of isopropyl alcohol to clean lipstick. For this, put isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle and spray it on the lipstick. Then wipe the lipstick with light hands using a cotton pad. This will save you from the side effects of the skin.

Brushes and blenders

Due to continuous use, makeup brushes and blenders also become very dirty. To clean them, take alcohol in a glass. Now soak the brush and the blender in it for some time. Then rub it lightly while rubbing and cleaning it. You can also use water.